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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Check below for frequently asked questions and useful documents

Frequently asked questions


When does the school term start and when can I enrol?

Enrolment is normally in September, but we can take on children at any time in the school year. Fees can be pro-rata as appropriate


What curriculum do you follow and what will the children learn?

We follow the curriculum as per instruction from the Greek parents association, In addition to greek language and culture we offer greek dancing, singing and events to expand the children's exposure to their Greek heritage


Where are you based and do we need to be in a certain area?

We are based in North London in North Finchley/Whetstone area. We have parents bringing their children from both near and far so everybody is welcome

Opening time

When does the school operate normally and at what times?

The school is open during term times on Saturday mornings only, starting at 9.30am apart from the first open Saturday of every month, when we start slightly later at 10am.

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