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Our Teachers

Guidance, Inspiration and Support

The core of Queenswell is our passionate team of teachers, who follow a high academic standard to guide their values, creativity and leadership. * Teachers will be updated shortly


Fotini Costi


All families always receive a warm welcome at Queenswell Greek School. At our school we aim to fulfil the following aims through our curriculum and school ethos:

  • To provide a pleasant and happy atmosphere for the children; and at the same time teach them to speak, read and write Greek.

  • To make them feel proud of their Greek heritage and to give them the basic knowledge of Greek culture and religion.

  • Our long-term aim is to have high standards and expectations in both teaching and learning and provide pupils with a positive attitude towards the multi-ethnic society of London and to be a proud and conscientious member of the Greek community.

  • To value the work prepared by the all the staff, committee members and parents who are dedicated in maintaining the school to a high standard.

  • The school curriculum includes Greek language, humanities, traditions, dance and music. All pupils are given personal help for the development of oral, vocabulary and reading.

    We strongly believe that the support of the parents can help the school to accomplish its values. Your interest in the school programme and by attending school events and by encouraging them to respect their work is a significant part to supporting your child throughout their years at Queenswell Greek School.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to the school

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